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About Me

Jass started Spiritual Paradise when she had a plethora of questions that needed answers. Through years of study of human interaction and behavior, astrology, ancient history, science and universal facts Jass has reached a point where she is now devoted to sharing her knowledge with the collective as well as helping the collective heal and ascend higher.

This platform gives Jass and others a safe place to share ideas, take courses, get updates on self, horoscopes, order vegan juice , book readings and so much more. This is truly a place for all things Spiritual so come with an open mind and heart.

We are truly blessed to hold this space for you. Welcome to Paradise 

Why Spiritual Paradise?

This platform can change your life. I care about you and my main goal is to educate and uplift as many people Spirit sends my way. Spiritual Paradise was designed with you and your heart in mind. Everyday I will be dropping content that you can take advantage of to grow and become successful in your own life. It’s up to you to utilize my resources and change your own life and mental process. Spiritual Paradise stands on integrity and love. Nothing less than that can come from this community so believe me when I say you’re in good hands to receive the best readings, courses , reminders and meditation that I can offer you. 

We’re a family

Without you none of this would be possible so thank you. My supporters have shown up from all over the world and together we are making an impact. We can’t change the world alone but we can join together and do what we can to make own lives and those around us better and filled with love.